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11-15-2012, 02:36 PM
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One advantage of adjusted stats over raw stats is that they convert data into a format that allows for comparison based on value.

Let's say there are two supermarkets, one with all prices in Korean Won and the other with all prices in Chilean Pesos. Adjusted stats converts all prices into dollars, which allows for easy comparison. It doesn't change the proportionate prices, as steak will still be the same % higher than potatoes whether or not the prices are converted into dollars. It's possible that the prices (in dollars) for all products are the same at each supermarket, but it's not likely. Maybe one of the markets has a "buy $100, get $5 free" special, which helps wealthier shoppers (better players), while the other doesn't. Maybe the other market has great deals on cheaper goods like top ramen and potatoes, which are more of an advantage to less wealthy shoppers (like cheap/garbage goals for lesser players) for which they represent a larger % of likely purchases. In either case, these distortions would not be the fault of the exchange rate, they would simply be qualities unique to each market (each season) which would have to be studied and their combined effects quantified to determine which market offered better to various types of shoppers (players). It may be that the same market offers "buy $100, get $5 free" and also some sales that would be especially advantageous to poorer shoppers, and that the actual % savings would be about equal. To point to one or the other as "helping" a certain type of shopper would be misleading in the context of the whole range of prices at the market. Each season tends to have a number of these "specials" or "sales", which each need to be examined and need to be combined into the whole picture. Still, there's no denying that using a common currency saves a lot of time and really no information is lost in the process, so it's a superior system.

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