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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
Boxing. Well, not so much in recent years.

UFC when Anderson Silva or someone w/ genuine talent is fighting. Which isn't a whole lot.

Foosball, but I don't follow it w/ near the passion I have for hockey. Nor baseball, don't pay much attention until the playoffs, but I was a full blown junky as a kid.

I played every major sport at one time or another. I had the athletic ability, and saw the game well, but was still a total disaster at the game of basketball. And, therefore could never watch the sport w/ any kind of respect, either. I'd foul out in minutes due to running people over. I fully blame a hockey mentality being burned into me at a young age. If you have the ball, are in motion, and some big donut has the nuts to stand in front of you, you should be prepared for some contact. Com'on. I just couldn't deal. Same for track, that lasted a whopping whole week longer than basketbore.
I love boxing but it's hard to find these days without Showtime or HBO.

Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
I wish I grew up in the time where boxing was on free national TV. I can't think of a better sport to watch in a bar on a Saturday night.
So true.

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