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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
The difference being that while Lebron gets lambasted for being the sell-out he is, Radulov isn't because, apparently, he wanted to play in front of childhood friends, or some ****..
Radulov hasn't been critized? The same people defending Radulov in this thread were criticizing Lebron in/on another thread/message board? I am not sure what your point is here. Is your point anyone who has ever left one team to take what they thought was a better offer from another team is a sellout? If so that's cool. At least your consistant.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Bottom line, the most important factor wasn't the hockey. Why should he therefore be respected from a hockey standpoint?
Because he is pretty good at it and has accomplished more in it than the vast majority of people who have ever played the game. Besides that when it comes to hockey maybe he has decided he values helping to build/legitimize a league in Russia or being available to play in the WC every spring over the NHL and Stanley Cup. Maybe he rather be the undisputed 'go to guy' on a team that will be expected to spend/contend for championships every year and not 'just' a 1st liner even if it means playing in a league that isn't considered the best. I am sure to many here those ideas seem crazy (perhaps even to me) but who are we to tell someone what they should value or want to accomplish in their life and/or career.

With that being said Radulov seems a bit well... I dunno... Who knows what he's really thinking or wants.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Perhaps I should point this out to people: why tu quoque, or "you/them too" is a bad argument is because it's equally possible for two or more people from different demographics to be pieces of ****. You have established that Radulov, while a mercenary(exactly what I said he was), is not exactly unique in this regard. Others have said that it's also not because he's Russian.
So we agree then that 'mercenary' players is the rule and not the exception? If this is the case we can also probably agree that it is not worth getting bent out of shape everytime a player bolts a team (or league) to take what they think is a better offer/situation. I get Nashville fans being upset, but fans of other teams being mad about it is weird.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Congratulations: not one thing I said depended on Radulov being unique, or Russian.
I never said you did but I will happily take your kudos anyway.

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