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Originally Posted by Acadian Jet View Post
Gonna be in MTL Saturday and Sunday. Gonna be hanging out with 4 friends who are coming down from NB. What are some fun and exciting places to go on a Saturday night? What are the best clubs in town? The friends I'll be with are all girls btw, so places both genders can enjoy would be preferable lol.

Also, we're all around 18-21 yrs old

Well I'll try my best and there's so many choices in Montreal, and you mentioning clubs I'll give you the cream of the cream just remember to 'if needed' upgrade your dress code. Also fall is not the most fun time to go out since you can't really enjoy terraces and the warm weather but there's always fun stuff to do.

You can start off your afternoon with a beer downtown in the latin quarter at les 3 brasseurs, l'amère a boire or le Saint-Sulpice.

All a minute walk from each other

Great selection of eastern european droughts

Nice place, 'beer cocktails' and a good menu for dinner. That or the Mcdonald's across the street.

Largest bar in Canada, I could also suggest their dance floor.

For clubs the 737 located at the top of Place Ville-marie is probably the most high-end and expensive club in town.

The Ballroom was my favorite club, since you got less underage teens a little more class, better music and good energy.

This place kicks ass

On a side note if you try something exotic you might wanna give Café Gitana a visit ( local beers and turkish chicha pipes are a great mix) you can also try their cigars. And it's now my favorite bar.

Now thats for downtown personally I think Mont-Royal avenue located in the heart of Le Plateau has more ambiance than downtown and the people are more fun to hang out with.

The Bar inc is a very cool bar and the people are great.

Ever tried skittles vodka, well the candi bar takes the principle to a new level.

Edgar hypertaverne used to be one my least favorite bars but the new owners changed it and it's now pretty cool.

Basically a bar with a pool table and not much else but sometimes that all you need to have fun, also one of my favorite

Biggest and best pool bar for the younger generation, I'd say it's a must go.

Other possible choices on Mont-Royal

good live music

My favorite restaurant on the avenue where I also used to work, give the carbonara a try.

This list is only scratches the surface of what Montreal has to offer, good news is that all the other places you might enjoy are all very close from one to another just by walking around town you'll find tons of other great locations.

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