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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
As a fan, how can you not like 2-year ELC's and 5-year contract limits? To me, it means more player movement, young guys getting into real money earlier, and less dead-weight contracts. Come on, every fan here probably has someone on the roster of their favorite team that they wish was a couple of years further along in his contract because he simply didn't pan out, and isn't producing.

It would create more of a competitive environment amongst the players. If you're a rookie who is good enough to stay in the bigs, you get out of your ELC a year earlier. If not, too bad. And old vets should be looking over their shoulder at the young ones coming up. They better keep their skills and conditioning up because they'll need to sign a new contract every 5 years.

I mean isn't this the way it should be? Pay and position based more on performance, and less on potential or prospect?
The 2/5 setup looks scandalous when they ask for 8 years before UFA. I'd settle for the 5% up/down movement allowed in any one year of a contract. If you want to sign that guy for 10 years at 9.5 to 10.5 per season, knock yourself out. Just get rid of the last two years @1.2 million.

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