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11-15-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by albator71 View Post
But that's just it, the NHL is not interested in meeting half way on contract issues, it's their way or the the highway, there's no middle ground with the owners, they want their cake and eat it too.
I disagree. I believe they are willing to flex on some of the contract issues. The problem is that the players aren't countering.

I personally believe the owners would move from the 5 year max to something managable like 7-8 years and are also probably willing to move off the arbitration rules.

Heck if the players entered into a serious dialogue, I bet they might even get that extra year back too.

The contract max, 5% variance and the 2 year ELC is all they really want. The rest are there so that they can come to a middle ground.

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