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11-15-2012, 04:29 PM
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Did Fehr ever get a mlb cba without a lockout/strike? During his tenure with the baseball players there was a lot of lost baseball including a world series. Anyone that expected something different with him now in control of the hockey players was just engaged in wishful thinking.

I would agree with BR that next season is realistically in jeopardy. This season is on the block right now and the two sides are not even talking on the phone about talking about a contract. its dead in the water.

Its interesting. Ive given up the NFL as Snyder killed the Redskins for me. Maryland sports are not worth watching anymore. I stopped watching the Wiz when they were still Lez Bullett's. With no NHL, i am almost not watching any fall tv anymore. Burn Notice and Top Chef and a little H 5-0. Thats it.

How things change.

When the NHL returns, I am sure I will watch. Right now? I really dont miss it. The last lockout took all my give a damn on that subject. Anyone know the song, "My Give A Damn's Broken" ??? Thats me.

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