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11-15-2012, 03:32 PM
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I'm not sure why some people are so upset about Broll being one of the two players picked. Broll has probably the best chance out of all our prospects to make the team. The other options would have been Percy, Biggs, Brown, Finn, Leivo and Rupert.

All those other players are being groomed to be something more and still need time to hone their offensive skills. Broll if he makes the NHL will be more of a 4th line bruiser.

Sure it may have been nice to take one of the other prospects, say Biggs, and maybe give them a tryout for a few games so he knows what the NHL is like. But the same could be said for Broll, show him how tough everyone in the NHL is and how much stronger he still has to get. We won't ever be expecting Broll to score, if he does, great. He is probably the most ready for his specific future role in the NHL out of all our prospects.

Quite honestly I don't expect either Broll or Rielly to stay up past the try out if a season starts. Of course I would want Rielly picked since he is our new shiny toy, the other one picked wouldn't really matter no matter who it was who that was picked.

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