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11-15-2012, 03:38 PM
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HFWF House Show Report - Thursday, November 15, 2012 FROM Montreal, Quebec

The show was an afternoon show, around 1 PM, which is odd considering kids are still in school at that time, but I think HFWF has made it very clear the product is more for teenagers and adults rather than children. Nonetheless, the arena was still jam packed and completely sold out with a ton of teens and adults, which obviously means A LOT of noise. It seems a lot of people took off work to be here, which shows just how big HFWF is becoming. CrimsonSkorpion t-shirts were COMPLETELY sold out before the show even started, Montreal being his hometown. CPrice also sold out a lot of shirts as I guess people are aware that Laval is where he was born, but for some reason, he's billed as being from Toronto, Ontario.

As the ring announcer was about to introduce us to the start of the show, the lights went out and a gray, ominous spotlight was directed at the top of the stage. Icicles came out with a black towel over his head, completely covering his face as he walked down to the ring to open up the show with our first match, a triple threat match.

1) Icicles def. Coado & Canadian Crippler @ 8:21. Good opening match. The story was Coado and Canadian Crippler working together to go after Icicles, but Icicles was just too much for them and dominated them. There were some nice spots, including a double suplerplex on Icicles, but aside from that, Icicles controlled for the most part and got a win with a spike on the Canadian Crippler. After the match, he started down Coado, who was sitting in the corner. (**1/2)

Our next match was another triple threat match, but this one was for the United States Championship. Before we got to the match, a promo hyping up Big Fat Cat played, but the crow booed throughout the entire video. Big Fat Cat has huge heat in Canada, at least in Montreal, for turning the Canadian Championship into the United States Championship.

2) Big Fat Cat (c) def. NYGRYK & Jussi to retain the HFWF United States Championship @ 12:28. Awesome triple threat match. All three guys just mesh really well together. Jussi played the babyface, Big Fat Cat played the full on heel, and NYGRYK played a tweener, so everything meshed well. It was a fast pace triple threat match with no dead spots. It reminded me a lot of Angle/Mysterio/Orton from WrestleMania 22. Just a great triple threat match. (***1/2)

OmniSlash appeared on the titantron with a bunch of pies in the background. Omni cut a promo completely trashing Marf, saying to beat an idiot, he has to think like an idiot... but then realized it was impossible to think like an idiot and that he'll just whoop that little *****'s (Marf) ass all over the arena in Montreal in just a matter of moments!

3) OmniSlash def. Marf @ 8:46. Good match. The two crammed a lot into 9 minutes of action, so they were always moving. An absolutely sick spot came when OmniSlash was up on the top turnbuckle, but Marf threw a pie in Omni's face, climbed up to the top turnbuckle and then hit a super brainbuster (which I think may have been a botch more than anything else, but it was a sick visual). The finish came when Marf was about to throw another pie in Omni's face, but Omni dodged it and it caused Marf to throw a pie into the turnbuckle, which caused Marf to freak out and apologize to the pie, and even lick the turnbuckle, until Omni pulled him out of the corner and locked on OmniVision for the win. (**1/2)

StraightEdge appeared on the titantron and told the fans that tonight, they're going to witness the greatest champion in professional wrestling history walk in as World Champion and walk out as World Champion. He tells them to take in the greatness that is StraightEdge.

4) Legendary AC def. iRep @ 9:02. Good match. Both guys are veterans, so they knew exactly what they were doing and put on a smooth match. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, it was one of the slower matches we've seen today, but it was still a good match because they had psychology and got over the story that they just want to hurt each other and prove they're the better man. The finish came when Topshelf ran down and attacked iRep behind the referee's back, allowing AC to hit a Flash Kick and get the win. SheamusFan appeared on the titantron and said Topshelf will have a match RIGHT NOW against RWO! (***)

5) RWO def. Topshelf @ 5:02. Surprisingly quick match. It seems these two are engaging in a rivalry now, it wasn't the best match, but I'll give them credit and say they did OK in the time they were given. The finish came when Topshelf was calling up the ramp for somebody, probably someone from The Revolution, but they never showed up, confusing Topshelf. Once he turned around, RWO cradled Topshelf and got the win. (*3/4)

----------[20 Minute Intermission]----------

We came back to our seats as the intermission ended and MoFro made their entrance and cut a promo saying that they'll get their tag team championships very soon.

6) End of Line def. Modo (w/Fro) @ 4:57. Well, that's not a great way to get back on track to winning the tag team championships again. End of Line dominated Modo, who looked like he may have been injured, which may explain why we haven't seen the team on TV in recent weeks. Fro tried to interfere as well, but End of Line gave him a brutal belly to belly suplex into the timekeepers table. End of Line got the pin fall with a Cyclone. (*)

CrimsonSkorpion appeared on the titantron (to a deafening pop). It was a live promo and not taped as he allowed the cheers to go on. They went on for a solid three minutes before he started speaking. When he did speak, he told the fans that tonight, they're going to witness the end of CPrice in a Montreal Street Fight.

7) StraightEdge (c) def. ColePens to retain the HFWF World Championship @ 23:10. This was just an awesome match. StraightEdge got a "you ****ing suck" chant early on as he was stalling for a good five minutes. Once the stalling was over, the match took off and never looked back. This was a pay-per-view caliber main event on a freakin' house show! The engagement of the fans was ridiculous. At 22:30, ColePens hit the Purple-Plex on StraightEdge and got the pin fall to win the HFWF World Championship, but immediately after the referee counted the fall, he saw StraightEdge's foot on the bottom rope and the match continued, which the fans hated as the crowd went nuts for the false finish. StraightEdge quickly recovered and rolled up ColePens with a hand full of tights to retain the World Championship. (****1/4)

A video package played for Syn Shadow, which transitioned into his entrance, which was awesome.

8) Syn Shadow def. 23 17 23 @ 1:24. Syn Shadow is ****ing dominating, plain and simple. He utterly destroyed 23 17 23 to no end for a full minute and a half with no stopping. The finish came with a Death-Grip Slam. (1/4*)

We get a backstage segment showing Icicles wrapping a chain around the ankles of Coado and Canadian Crippler and dragging both of them on the concrete and into the parking lot. Once they got to a car, Icicles popped the trunk and threw both in the trunk with their ankles still wrapped up. Icicles got in the car and drove off. Sick.

CPrice made his entrance and got a HUGE pop. CPrice took the microphone before CrmisonSkorpion's entrance and cut a promo completely ripping Quebec and French people. He said it's true that he's born in Quebec, and adds sadly at the end of that, and then says he hates that and denounces Quebec because it's filled with "white-flag waving, nonsensical, scared French idiots." He said he doesn't stand for anything we do because he's a fighter and a ruthless son of a *****...and he's also not a snob, apparently. This brought out CrimsonSkorpion and the fans blew the roof off the arena. It was crazy. When the music stopped and CS was in the ring, CPrice had retreated it out of the ring and went on a tirade on the mic and called CrimsonSkorpion a snob himself and that he represents all these idiots in the crowd tonight.

9) CrimsonSkorpion def. CPrice in a Montreal Street Fight @ 25:01. Awesome match. It wasn't the hardcore match you'd expect. They had a lot of brawling sequences through the arena (and all the way up to the second balcony even, which included a scary spot that CPrice threatened to throw CrimsonSkorpion off until referees and security guards pulled them apart and pulled them back to the ring). They brawled up the ramp, around the ring and even into gorilla position, where they broke three TVs. They came back and then the rest of the match stayed around the ring area. They used the ring bell, steel steps, chairs, kendo sticks, ladder and a table. The finish came when CrimsonSkorpion gave CPrice the Eisenkreus through the table and got the win. CrimsonSkorpion celebrated post-match and signed autographs for the fans. (****1/2)

All in all, just an awesome event. It's not a huge roster, but HFWF is stacked with talented wrestlers who know how to put on a show. Awesome event.

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