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Originally Posted by Vancouver_2010 View Post
why couldn't they allow more teams in the playoffs?
It is because of history.
In the 1900s, there were very few teams, so the team with the best record in each league play each other to determine the champion.

Then in 1969, there were more teams, so each league is divided into 2 divisions, and the team with the best record in each division play each other to determine the League champion.
Then, these League champions play each other in the World Series.

By the 1990s, as there are even more teams now, playoffs were even harder to break into.
San Francisco had 103 wins in 1993 and still missed the playoffs.
Thus, in 1994, they divided each league into 3 divisions, and they added a wild card to balance out the playoff picture.

Last year, they finally added one more wild card spot, to make it a 5 team playoff format.

Baseball is very steeped in tradition.
Things does not change that easily.
Still, at the same time, it makes the playoffs very exciting.
There is pride in making the playoffs, and once a team get in, anything can happen.
That is why come September and October, most people are glued to the TV watching baseball.

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