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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
Just out of curiosity i checked out the stat's and accolades of these players. I left out post-season. Not sure if other group would have gained some ground based on that. Stats show Jagr and Sakic to be very damn close to each others. Closer than i thought. Damn this is not too easy.

Here is group A:

A1: Physically dominant elite offensive center. Great skating abilities and responsible two-way player. A threat to win the scoring title every year. Borderline generational playmaking/passing abilities.
Serious injuries in past, likely to retire young/miss a lot of games.
Mediocore/good goalscoring abilities.

708 Games played:
249 Goals
636 Assists
885 Points

Adjusted stats:
278 Goals
699 Assists
977 Points

Calder trophy
Art Ross trophy
Hart trophy
3x First team all-star

A2: Physically dominant generational offensive RW. Elite vision/passing and elite goalscorer. Strong on skates and in corners. Practically impossible to knock off the puck. Favorite to win Art Ross year in and out.
Lazy defensive player, altough good back checker if demanded. Suits best on offensive role.

1346 Games played:
665 Goals
988 Assists
1653 Points

Adjusted stats:
715 Goals
1041 Assists

5x Art Ross winner
3xLindsay/Pearson winner
Hart Trophy winner
7x First team all-star

A3: Physically dominant elite offensive LW. Generational/elite goalscoring abilities. Elite hitter and one of the best shooters in history. Somewhat lazy defensively. Most likely to win goal scoring race/threat to win Art Ross. Best suited for PP and offensive role.

553 Games Played:
339 Goals
340 Assists
679 Points

Adjusted stats:
364 Goals
352 Assists
716 Points

Art Ross winner
2x Rocket Richard winner
2x Hart trophy winner
3x Lindsay/Pearson winner
5x First team all-star

Group B:

B1: Elite offensive center with generational shooting ability. Especially wrist shot. Defensively sound, not great. Great captain material and leader type. Plays a lot of minutes and rarely loses any level of play. Threat for scoring race, but not the absolute best. Will mostly crack top-10 in scoring.

1378 Games played:
625 Goals
1016 Assists
1642 Points

Adjusted stats:
643 Goals
1036 Assists
1679 Points

Conn Smythe trophy
Hart trophy
Ted Lindsay award
Lady Byng award
3x First Team all-star

B2: Elite/generational offensive center with defensively average play. Plays good physical game. Elite shooting and playmaking skills. Will be threat to win Art Ross/goal scoring race. Very strong at skates. Hard to knock off balance and strong in corners. Serious injury issues. Most likely will retire early/miss lot of games.

434 Games played:
223 Goals
386 Assists
609 Points

Adjusted stats:
239 Goals
395 Assists
634 Points

Art Ross trophy
Hart trophy
Rocket Richard trophy (shared)
Lindsay award
1x First Team all-star

B3: Elite offensive center. Elite/generational goalscoring ability. Defensively average at best. Semi-physical game. Good skating. Elite shooting ability. Young at age, potential to improve. Will be threat to win goal scoring race every year. Top-10 in points year in and out.

325 Games played:
179 Goals
150 Assists
329 Points

Adjusted stats:
198 Goals
159 Assists
357 Points

2x Rocket Richard trophy (1x shared)
ahaha why did you leave out the POs? how convenient

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