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Originally Posted by Kamal007 View Post
Last night, the 02 gold medal final from the olympics was on and right after that, the subway series. The comparable I saw to Rielly was Brian Leetch. Not to say that Rielly will be even close to leetch or that he will be a hall of famer, just when it comes to play style. I hadn't seen a TON of leetch since when I started watching hockey, he was close to the down turn of his career (around 01/02 season) but man are they similar. The way they carry the puck, the way they distribute the puck, the hockey IQ of knowing when its the right time to rush and when its the right time to pass.

You have to take into consideration that what Leetch was doing in that 02 final was against a line up of virtually all hall of famers, whereas Rielly was doing it against OHL level talent. But the comparison is there, in play style, not in potential. Not saying that he will come close to Leetch in any way shape or form, just the way they look out there on the ice is similar.
I find his style to be exactly like Leetch. I'm not saying he's going to be Brian Leetch, but he's the best comparable for style. I don't see Kris Letang in him at all. I think he's potentially much more dynamic than Letang. Will he end up being a better or equal player, only time will tell.

Your Leetch comparison is on the money.

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