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11-15-2012, 04:20 PM
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Ferraro on Team 1040 (he is pretty funny on our local station because they are so anti-Bettmann it's disgusting):


I saw Doug Maclean on Sportsnet yesterday say that two agents called Fehr and said look my players want you to get in and get a deal. And the spoke to him, and Fehr told both guys he would take it under advisement. So in other words he dusted both of those guys aside too. The similarities between Bettman and Fehr, to me, are what are making this more and more dificult. The similarities of I'm going to get what I want, all else be damned.

I had a guy tell me yesterday, and I guess I thought about it, but I've not thought about it in individual terms. But he said I'll give you a name to think about - Joey Crabb. And I was like, what about JOey Crabb? And he said, he's been bouncing around the minors for years. He finally gets a one-way deal in Tampa, and now half of that deal is gone, at least. And, the farm team in Tampa, they won the Calder Cup last year, they've won 25 games in a row, they lost two games this year. Guys like JOey Crabb are going to be extinct. And Fehr wouldn't even know that, because it's about the total deal here. And that's where I think the pressure has to come from the player's side.

Because I think Bettman is going to get it from the owner's side too. There will be enough guys that are going to say: Gary, we have to give this a real good chance here. And I think that's where the internal pressures come from.

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