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11-15-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Yeah that's one of the things I was hoping this thread would generate a bit more discussion from, some of the GMs that may or may not be returning. Obviously I know us two, Dale, Geehaad, and La Hurricanista are onboard. And Vagrant's almost certainly back as well, so that's a solid core of the returning GMs.

Actually looking at the yahoo site, looks like EVERYONE's back with a couple that didn't register yet. I know the draft has supposedly taken place already but that's easy enough to fix.

I'm OK with lessening the amount of keepers balanced with tweaking the keeper rule on prospects (say til say age 23 or by 4 seasons played, whichever comes first). And tweaking the scoring so that a team that a team that squeaks by one category doesn't get the same credit as another team outright dominating another. So going back to points based, just a more balanced version of it.
I'm sticking around as well.

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