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11-15-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeK View Post
I don't think Fehr even tells them that much. I think he tells them only what he wants. The way he has taken control of the union he acts as if he is working for himself.
I n order to take this thing into next year like he wants he will have to do some serious manipulating and brainwashing.

Goodenow back in 2004 told the players they would have to miss a year and maybe 2 to get the deal they want. But after a year I think most of the players realized pulling a Thelma and Louise wasn't the best idea....unfortunatly the same thing appears to be happening.

The question is at what point will the PA stop playing chicken? My opinion is they won't and it will come down to how long Fehr can feed the players Koolaid.

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