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International teams that had the highest % of their best players

Keep it to top level tournaments 1972 Summit Series and onwards, and focus more on the teams who did well rather than the Germany and Slovakias of the hockey world.

The team that got the highest percentage of their best players:

1976 Canada Cup (Canada) - Probably the best team ever iced. Only Brad Park (injured) on defense was left off. Rene Robert got cut from this team if that tells you anything and while Parent and Dryden were injured Vachon didn't take a backwards step

2002 Canadian Olympic team - I guess Joe Thornton being left off is somewhat noticeable but it isn't a big deal. Roy chose not to play but the other three goalies were right in the mix with him anyway.

2010 Canadian Olympic team - Took a page from 2002. Stamkos not on the team was a little questionable although he wasn't even 20 yet. Mike Green being left off raised a few eyebrows but I can see why now. You had Pronger, Niedermayer, Boyle, Weber, Keith, Doughty and Seabrook. Obviously they want a stay at home guy in Seabrook so I can understand leaving the accident prone Green at home.

1996 World Cup (USA) - Had all their best players on their greatest team ever iced. Roenick and Beezer weren't there because I believe neither had a contract at the time. Or maybe Beezer was injured. I don't think he makes a step up from Richter though. Roenick would make the team a bit better I think, but not much.

1987 Russian Canada Cup team - The KLM line at their prime. Fetisov (who missed the 1984 Canada Cup), Kasatonov and a young Kamensky. Also, Bykov, Lomakin, etc.Too bad Tretiak was retired, but other than that this was all the Russian stars.

The team with the worst percentage of their players:

1976 Russian Canada Cup team - They left a bunch off the team either for a built in excuse or to punish them. Either way, they purposely left off Yakushev, Mikhailov, Petrov and then they also had Kharlamov get into a car accident and couldn't play.

1996 World Cup (Canada) - They didn't even invite Roy. Which left them with an old Ranford, a young Brodeur and a shaky Joseph as their starter. To this day I've never made any sense of that Roy decision. Bourque also chose not to play. Lemieux, Kariya and MacInnis were hurt. Francis made the team but didn't play because of injuries as well.

1991 Canadian Canada Cup team - I guess you can't question it too much if they won, but I'll mention it anyway. This team didn't have Roy either. Lemieux was hurt. Bourque chose not to play. There were also a bunch who didn't play for a variety of reasons: Neely, Oates, Recchi, Sakic and Yzerman. Mike Keenan took a gamble I thought.

1972 Canadian team (1972 Summit Series) - Politics played a big part in Hull, Tremblay, Cheevers and perhaps even Sanderson not making it. I've never been 100% sold on Sanderson deserving it though. Orr was hurt with his knees and a 1972 version of Orr is as good as they come. Also some questionable guys left off the team. Keon would have made a good fit. Lemaire too.

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