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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Who is telling you, in this thread or otherwise, that Adjusted Stats are the be-all and end-all final answer?

Anyone who has told you that Adjusted Stats are perfect is lying to you. However, I haven't seen that claim offered up in this thread.
I tend to side with the guys who know the numbers better than I do, like yourself and Iainn and czech your math, but I see some valid arguments from Rhiessan that seemed dismissed out of hand.

I have seen throughout this thread that even guys that know the numbers better than I do and insist themselves that there are some flaws and then turn around and immediately post about so and so doing this and using AS as their only source of proof. Czech has done it several times now, even admitting to not seeing many of the seasons or games discussed prior to the lockout. This isn't meant to bash, but I see them being used as the be-all end-all quite often.

The only point I have and have no idea if it really has any merit is that it would seem likely that the distribution of points wouldn't remain static from top tier to bottom tier players. If the league gets tougher, it may not impact the skilled guys as much as the tweeners. Seems pretty logical, no?

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