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11-15-2012, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
So Datsyuk's ceiling was a 2nd line center, but now he's one of the best all-star centers we've ever watched play the game... Proves ceiling and projection are meaningless.
No it does not. You're using exceptions to argue against the normalities.

The word ceiling/potential is of course greatley misused/interupted incorrectly on these boards. People always assume a player has more potential than he has, but prefix it with saying "But that is unlikely".

Projections are not meaningless. It is what scouting is based upon. Scouting isn't an exact science, and projections can be exceeded and vica versa. Of course this doesn't mean we should not project, or that some people have the ability to project abilities better than others.

Of course the notion that projections and ceilings are meaningless is not only nonsense, but also inherently contradicts your premise/ideas in this thread. If projections are meaningless, why are you projecting this player, and why do you care that other people have lower perceptions of this player than you do?

Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
If Franzen can become a first line scoring winger, then no doubt Sheahan's ceiling can become a first line powerforward... But I am with HF and Jim Nill, Sheahan will be a 2nd line scoring (2-way) powerforward.
None of your "analysis" seems to be based on the actual player, or rather, you've formed an opinion based on some text created two years ago. You're also trying to project someones abilities/development arc based on another player and the development arc/perceptions they had. This is a pretty crude, basic and irrational way of looking at things.

Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
And if Holland ships Sheahan out, he may as well pack B. Smith up with him, because Smith also has drinking issues under his belt.... You want Holland to firesale off any prospect that got in trouble for drinking?
Who knows how events pertaining to this event, and other drinking issues, will unfold, but there is a different in severity here. DUI should be looked upon as much more serious.

Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
Sheahan and Avery are two completely different beasts. Comparing the two is like comparing Hitler to Bush. One is a complete AZZHOLE, the other is a MORON.
Your anaology fails on quite a few levels. But no need to delve into it. Of course, assuming Avery is the "hole", then how is Sheahan being a moron a good thing?

Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
EDIT: Didn't Holland offer Fedorov another contract AFTER he got his DUI??? Just sayin'
The situations will be different. Age, situation, personality, value etc will all vary. I am not saying Sheahan doesn't have a long future with the Wings, but using what happened to Fedorov years ago has no relevance on the ensuing events today.

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