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11-15-2012, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by KCBRUIN View Post
Hamilton vs the AL East
Bal 7g 6hr .357avg .438obp 1.036slg 1.473ops
Bos 8g 2hr .406avg .444obp .688slg 1.132ops
NYY 7g 3hr .292avg .414obp .750slg 1.164ops
TB 9g 3hr .310avg .394obp .621slg 1.015ops
Tor. 6g 2hr .160avg .222obp .440slg .662ops

Not sure what happened in the Toronto series, but he rakes AL East. I think he'd flourish in Boston.
I think Boston will eat him that is. First time he goes into a slump and is seen out on the town, all you will hear from the wanna-be's like Haggertys is that he is off the wagon or relapsing.

I like Hamilton, but if I were him, I'd look smaller market. Stay away from Boston, NY, Chicago and Philly. Hey, he may not win in Seattle or some of those other places, but his overall quality of life would be far better.

Just my opinion.


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