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11-15-2012, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
That's true. If he's going to be cheap I wouldn't mind, but I'm thinking he's just going to be less expensive than Bourn. I'm also thinking next year is going to be similar to last year, and I don't mind getting no one because I'm not expecting anything except for a fire sale mid season.

The team could still compete, but I don't see any reason to think they won't be killed by injuries and inconsistency again.
Yeah I too think this team is a little passed its prime, but Amaro's job is on the line and I have no reason to believe they won't go full 'win now' mode.

Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
24 was the worst season of his career IMO, it's the only season he had an OPS <.700 However, looking at Upton's last 3 years they're all fairly similar. his 3 year average puts his OBP at .317 His Slugging at .436 and his BA at .242. Obviously that's a much bigger sample size than Dom Brown's last 3 years, so while Upton hits for more power those other two numbers are almost identical.

Again I'm all for BJ Upton in center field, I'm just confused by how somebody could be high on Upton and low on Brown.
Yes 24 was his worst season, but my point was he had two seasons prior to that year where he was one of the most productive players in the league. Dom is still riding on his 'top prospect' status. He has done nothing in the bigs to warrant a full-time spot. Also forgotten is BJ plays a premium position at a pretty high level. Dom Brown is a corner outfielder (that has struggled defensively) and therefore needs to produce with the bat to provide value. Not to mention baserunning. Upton accounts for a lot more runs on the bases than Brown ever will.

I don't know if you are referring to me as being low on Brown, but I actually think he can be productive in this league. You can see it from time to time, its just that he lacks consistency. On a rebuilding team, Brown would no doubt be starting, but with the win now mentality I don't know if he's guaranteed a spot. I hope he gets a shot because with a few mechanical adjustments this guy could be a good big league hitter. He's got the approach down, his swing just has a few kinks in it. Injuries are also holding him back.

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