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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
If the players don't fully understand an issue, that's on Fehr.

As has been mentioned, Crosby has been as involved and interested as pretty much anyone. If HE doesn't know extension of entry level deals, which was proposed 5 months ago, is the exact opposite of what the league wants now, Fehr isn't communicating the realities of the issues between the PA and the NHL.

If, I don't know, Kris Letang, who hasn't involved himself whatsoever in this collective bargaining stuff, didn't know that something had changed since 5 months ago with respect to what the league was proposing, I suppose it could be argued that he doesn't know because he isn't paying attention, which is on him.

Crosby's as involved as anybody. If Crosby is publicaly rallying to stop the NHL from implementing the opposite of what it wants to implement, there's a serious problem with what Fehr is and isn't telling the membership.
There are two sides to communication, speaking and listening. If misinformation is presented regarding a dialogue, we need evidence of whether it was in the speaking or listening half. I am no fan of Fehr, but it is possible that Crosby didn't hear or didn't understand Fehr. Crosby does bear responsibility for either his lack of understanding or his unwillingness to verify that which was communicated to him. Historically, players have tended to not involve themselves in the PA until the CBA expiration rolls around. If you listen to quotes from players about electing reps, it is not uncommon for some player to agree to be a rep because no one else will and it is not uncommon for a team to be without a rep because someone stepped down or was traded and no one was willing to step up.

From all the history of quotes coming from players about representation, I doubt whether their are more than a half dozen who are consistently interested in what the PA is doing enough to investigate information that is told them.

If anything, I would hope that Fehr is inspiring them to get more involved in the organization that considerably effects all of their lives.

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