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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
Oh that's good thinking! Just be careful, the timing of soccer stuff is weird. Hopefully OTR is dished out right at 5pm ET and not moments before nightly calc, otherwise it'll be tough to get the sponsor deal signed before it vanishes.
OTR updated at 5:15pm ET, so more than enough time. I ended up with a 2* general, 4* media and 1*s for both of my VIP lounges. The general offer is about 800k less per week than my current 4* deal. The VIP lounges combined are bout 60k less per week than the 4* and 5* deals I currently have.

I believe I'm going to accept the Media sponsorship offer as its a healthy raise over my current 4* deal.

Day 2: Accepted 4* General offer, declined both VIP offers. The General sponsorship is 2M more per week than what I was receiving this season. The VIP offers combined were within 10k of this season's deals.

Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Well this is annoying.
Media offer is a one star for 15M. I don't want to sound greedy, but I was hoping for a lot more. Something closer to 20M would have been nice.

General is a four star for 1.3M less than this season's five star deal. I don't usually like to pass up four star offers. What say ye?

If I accepted these, and assuming skyboxes average 300K again, I would be around 35M per week. Only 4M more than this season. I was hoping adding 30,000 seats would make more of a difference.
I'm fairly comfortable with accepting 4* star offers early in the process. However, I'm fairly risk adverse when it comes to sponsorship offers.

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