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11-15-2012, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
I just get annoyed at how they overrate their prospects. Although if you take the 3 most bias Wings' posters and combine their bias and homer thoughts, they still wouldn't be as insane as yours are. You are THE prime offender of overrating prospects on HF but I think you already know that. I think you just overexaggerate to **** people off.
Hard to argue with results. You don't have to hit pay dirt with them all but Detroit has managed to find some diamonds later in the draft. Haven't done so lately that I've seen and on paper they're going to need it when I look at the roster.

They're an interesting team to follow since I always expect some kind of fall from grace but it doesn't happen. Even this year I'm thinking.. no Lidstrom. Dats and Zetts getting older. Look at that defence. This is the year they finally fall out of the elite team category!

Perhaps they hit swedish paydirt again haha. Anyways I like Detroit as they're an interesting team to follow from a 3rd party perspective.

It's like I'm opening the door going "Hahah no playoffs!"... "Doh"

Some day they may join my team in the dumpsters.. eat some day old doughnuts for once.

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