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11-15-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
the figures come in dribs and drabs

for example right now the oilers are asking for like a 6 mill annual subsidy to operate the new arena... this after origionally promising 100 million out of pocket.

the city hasnt agreed yet.. but the local provincial goverment does run a special lottery for the team

in pittsburg the city gave the ownership group a casino

in tampa they rezoned huge tracks of land

in most cities there huge tax breaks that other businesses dont get

a story today says that florida was promised the marlins would be competitive when they okayed the new arena... different sport i know

in phonix the city approved 25 million a year kickback to the league to run the team the last couple years

how many teams have taxpayer built arenas in the last 10-20 years? how many of the cities/states are financing debt to pay off those buildings?

i mean.. really... i dont have the exact figures cause the exact figures dont get released to people like me... but you yourself must be able to see this fro yourself. cant you?

unless you are in total denial.. ?

it totals into the 100s of millions easy
I'm not in denial. I just think if you're going to use a hard number, it should come from somewhere other than speculation. I asked for the purpose of being able to look at it - not as combat.

But seeing as though we're on the subject... The fact that new arenas will cost taxpayers money will NEVER change. Taxes will always help to flip a bill and most communities are okay with it, because it comes as an overall benefit them. The increase of traffic to a certain area, the profitability of the surrounding businesses... In some cases, the expansion of public transportation (something Edmonton could really use). Among many other things.

I don't see how lowering players' share of HRR is really tied at all to the general taxes of the people. I believe you have a strong enough argument already for a reduction in player share WITHOUT the strawman speculation.

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