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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Alright, this is not to put down Orr's performance in 1976 at all. It was wonderful. He was playing on one knee more or less. But we all know Potvin after the tournament complained that he - not Orr - should have been MVP. Both had 9 points in the tournament which led all Canadians. Does Potvin have a case?

I will say one thing here. The game Canada played against the Russians often goes down as one game where Orr was a difference maker despite not getting a point in the 3-1 win. I've seen that game a few times and I honestly cannot see what everyone else sees. Orr didn't do a whole lot in that game. No exciting rushes, just one scoring chance where he was set up point blank in front of the net. It's true it was his only time he played the Russians but I think this game gets romanticized more than it should. Orr was definitely not the best Canadian that night. Perreault was the best player in that Russian game. Potvin was probably the best defenseman that night as well. I really have never understood the myth that Orr played great that night. He didn't.

But how about for the whole tournament? Does Potvin have a case?
How about Perreault who was my pick as easily the best forward.
No, Potvin does not have a case. 1976 Canada Cup opposition, especially the European teams set their defenses to stop Bobby Orr so Potvin and Perreault were getting the easier match-ups defensively.

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