Thread: Prospect Info: Leafs Morgan Rielly discussion.
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11-15-2012, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by guyzeur View Post
Sens fan here,

You guys have a stud.

Just get ready to defend Rielly about being a 4th forward, being weak defensively because he is so good offensively, etc... You know, stuff we Sens fans hear all the time about Karlsson.

The other teams will have to respect his speed and moves which will give time to make better passes.

He will make your team so much better. In a couple years your goal against will drop a good 20 goals per year just because Rielly will get the puck out the zone quickly and safely by skating it himself or by making a tape to tape break out pass. Your goal for will go up as well a good 20.

Those 40 goals won't all show in Rielly's plus minus stats but you guys will know he was responsible for them.

Sure he will make mistakes, sure he will lose coverage but give him 3, 4 years before starting to micro observing all his misplays.
Well said...except the sens fan part

Since you guys prolly have the best inside info on Karlsson's game you would most likely know what it takes for a prospect playing that similar type of a game to make it into the league. Good to know opposing fans respect our prospect's talent. Doesnt make me hate the sens any less, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

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