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11-15-2012, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by HaroldVonKimblestein View Post
How many teams do we have right now? 11? If it's 11 then I suggest we find some way to expand to a 12th team, and from now on anyone who does not participate fully for a season is kicked from the league and their team offered to someone new. This is a policy that I have had in a hockey league and a football league for nearly 10 years, and over time the result has been that we now have 12 teams that are fully committed, making for a much more interesting league.

PS: I'm also still a fan of head-to-head or some other method of increasing parity, but that discussion has been beaten into the ground I think.
If there's a way to do points, then head to head for playoffs then that's what would make the most sense IMO. But that's just me. Roto wasn't exactly working that well for the long haul.

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