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11-15-2012, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... yup. Cant say many here will be surprised. Just how bad it might be I have no idea, but generally in such cases just based on what's been reported; CF's post of a few pages back, were just scratching the surface. It's more than plausible that former City Manager Ed Beasley does find himself indicted, and Lord only know who else he'll take down with him.
Assuming they can find what South Seas Island he has squirreled himself and his retirement fund to ( " Have another rum and coke... mon " )

This is going to get ugly. On one hand, as a council, you have to trust the City manager to negotiate a good deal for the council to vote on and pass, but given the ponzi scheme that the former City Manager might have been responsible for, and the fact that the Interm City Manager has found areas of Beasley's work that needs some tweeks.... It might be best to just throw the whole lease out, hire a new City Manager, and start all over again. Before I get laughed at, remember that there is a very good chance we won't be seeing NHL hockey for the next 9-10 months... lots of time to clean this up.

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