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Originally Posted by OilersFan1978 View Post
Of which, I can assure you as a former Tacoma resident who is familiar with the people and the sports scene of Seattle, there is plenty. People who are concerned about entertainment dollars being divided among one or two extra teams should the NHL and/or NBA come to town are forgetting the other side of this issue. There are copious amounts of entertainment dollars that aren't being spent--be it from Sounders/Mariners/etc. fans who also like the NBA/NHL, or people who would only follow the NBA/NHL and therefore don't have anything to spend their sports entertainment dollars on--simply because there aren't enough options for certain people.
I'm plenty familiar with Seattle. No metro area has unlimited disposable income, especially in the Age of Obama. When a metro is over-capacity, the higher priority sports get the money, and the lower priority sports suffer.

In fact, a study of metro economic capacity back in 2010 showed that Seattle had the spare metro income for either the NBA or NHL, but not both.

If you think Seattle can easily absorb two new pro sports franchises on the scale of an NHL and NBA team, you are seriously underestimating how much local spending it takes to keep and NHL and NBA team running.

I think the NBA would do fine and the NHL team would suffer.

Much harder to predict how the MLS team would do. MLS is still in an excitement phase in Seattle. People thinking MLS is on the verge of going big. Which it isn't. Ten years from now, when MLS still gets miniscule TV ratings and it's clear soccer isn't the next big thing in America, the crowds will die down a great deal. Seattle Sounders still have that new car smell.

I think MLS has done a good job of carving out a niche. But part of the excitement in the recent expansion cities is the feeling that MLS is on the verge of breaking out and challenging the Big 4. Attendance is doing very well. But TV ratings still suck -- with no signs of improvement.

MLS will always have the problem of being a 3rd tier league globally, talent-wise. Ten years from now MLS still will be third tier and the new car smell will have worn off.

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