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Originally Posted by Copperhead View Post
My problem with the owners contention that they are losing money is that a lot of them don't really seem to treat it like a business. With they way they throw money at players it seems to me that they are concerned with winning first and business second. I'm pretty sure most owners (if they wanted to make money) would do a lot better playing the stock market.

The truth is that the owners are in this due to their passion for the game (or maybe their own egos) but they seem to have forgotten that passion in these negotiations. I do not get a sense from them that they care about the game of hockey at all in the last few months. Where did that passion go?

Answer: Gary Bettman sucked it up into his vortex of apathy.
Yes, the owners have a passion for the game, thats why they do it. Still and all at the end of a CBA, thats the opportunity for the owners to address the business side of NHL and to make sure that it is running in such a way as to allow it to continue into the future as a viable enterprise.

This is the whole point of the lockout and the main thing the players refuse to understand.

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