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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Those Swedish lists aren't good.

No mention of Hakan Loob or kent Nilsson or Mats and Markus Naslund or Thomas Steen. Shame that Naslund's peak was in the dead puck era or he coulda had 2-3 100 pt seasons.

And American fans have forgotten Leclair and Amonte? At their peaks they were two of the best Americans to play the game, in fact Leclair was probably one of the best NHLers in the mid to late 90s, injury in 2000 sorta sent him downhill.

And you can't really count Mikita as Slovakia, that's like saying Bob Nystrom was Swedish. Maybe you can count Pavol Demitra instead.

Makarov's scoring in a high scoring NHL era isn't that impressive. Ovechkin/Malkin/Kovalchuk/Bure/Fedorov have already surpassed him imo. Of course you can say he's a great player because of what he did for CSKA or the national team but you have to use the NHL as the highest stage and he wasn't in his prime maybe when he entered but he wasn't that old either. The modern ones have simply done more at a level where it can be proven that they were up against the best at equal odds.
I'm a Canucks fan and I wouldn't put Naslund anywhere close to the #1 Swedish player of all time. He simply wasn't a world-class player for more than 3 seasons, unlike Forsberg, Lidstrom, etc.

Makarov played 13 seasons in the Soviet league, and in 9 of those seasons he was the leading scorer in the Soviet league, including six in a row from 1984-1989. He was also clearly the best forward on the national team, and judging from his play during the Canada Cup, he was, for a short time during the mid-1980s, better than every North American except Gretzky and Lemieux.

Even after he came into the NHL at age 31, he was outscoring every NHL player of his age.

Highest points per game, NHL players aged 31 or older, 1989-90:
Makarov - 1.08
Wilson - 1.04
Stastny - 0.99
Tonelli - 0.93
Mullen - 0.88

Makarov - 1.01
Propp - 0.92
Kerr - 0.89
Gartner - 0.87
Broten - 0.87

Gretzky - 1.64
Messier - 1.35
Mullen - 1.13
Gartner - 1.07
Makarov - 1.03

Makarov was simply consistently among the best over a long period of time, something Malkin has yet to do (although he has a good chance of doing so)

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