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11-15-2012, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Shameus View Post
That's my point. He's lost 1 game all season in goal for Everton. Hart is the only EPL keeper with less losses. Casillas has more league losses, Cech, Neuer, and Buffon the same number of losses. You say Everton is a medium sized club but look where they are right now, 4th place in the EPL. The US has no right to have a .750 win percentage for 2012, but they do. There's no way they win in Italy or Mexico, or even comeback on Russia in Russia yesterday without Howard standing on his head. I think he is doing more with less. Look at the teams and defenders that the "Top 5" have and tell me Howard wouldn't do the same or more with that in front of him. Howard is doing more with less and to me that's more impressive.
I think winning percentages, or number of losses, are entirely meaningless in trying to evaluate a goalkeeper's quality. It doesn't work in hockey, and in football with smaller save-percentages and therefore being even more reliant on not facing higher-percentage scoring chances, it's even less of an indicator. I wouldn't say anything against Howard, simply because I haven't seen enough from him, and there's no doubt that those numbers are impressive - but they really aren't saying anything.

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