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11-15-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
The players aren't demanding that nothing changes though. They're looking to work together to get to the point where owners feel they need to be to keep teams financially viable. The owners aren't looking for reasonable - they want immediate rollbacks, plus pushing back the FA age so that they have the players under their thumbs for at least 3 contracts, and limiting contract lengths (which may end up blowing up in their faces, in some cases).

You're right though - the players have more to lose than owners do, particularly in poor markets.

Would you be okay if your boss gave you a raise and then came to you 2 weeks later to tell you that you were not only not going to get the raise you were promised, but that he was going to start paying you less than you did previously?

Yes, the players are well paid, but they also make a lot of money for the league. And let's not pretend that some owners didn't make an absolute ton of money as a result of the salary cap, our Flyers included.
The owners last proposal includes a make whole, so no, it's not rollback.

They're raising the FA to 28, but also reducing the length of ELC's by 1 year. Meaning they own your rights for longer, but you get your first raise sooner.

Please explain why you think capping contracts will "blow up in their face if they're not careful." At least this way you will never see 13 year 100M contracts anymore. Isn't this the owners way of trying to rectify the current situation of players demanding retirement contracts and teams trying to circumvent the cap.

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