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11-15-2012, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Yea, quite the possible perfect storm:

Ongoing ligitation possibly with Beasley et al.
A possible "midnight run-through" of the Yotes deal (or 3pm on Nov 26 )
Potential RAGE (and that's putting it lightly) by the populace at the perceived bait and switch
And a new council just ITCHING to promote itself as a champion for the citzens and pushing for a legal overturn of the deal (if not already dragged by aformentioned Beasley)

Could get very nasty in short order.
damn this could mean that the GWI will only Huff and Puff and Kevy will have another crossed off his "List".....I so hate that list.....I like the thought of that black cloud hanging over this deal, but if you are right TL.....they become a non issue...and THAT LIST continues to prevail.....

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