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11-15-2012, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
If it is happening at the urinal its probably a pep talk- research shows that 20% of American men suffer from some form of shy kidneys and/or stagefright. There is nothing more terrifying than being at Foxboro waiting 10 minutes to step up to 'the plate' with dozens of druken louts behind you and not being able to do perform.

What is more irritating is people that whistle in the stalls. If I could get away with it, or even had the mask and knife I would reenact the bathroom scene from one of the earlier Scream movies and end that right there.
When I was last at a hockey game, I believe this happened to me in Buffalo, I was waiting in line in the men's room and two guys in two different lines made a $5 bet on who would get to piss first. I happened to be in front of one of the gamblers. Sure enough, I step up to bat and I notice that BOTH gamblers are now on deck. If I don't complete my leak before the guy to my left, then I cost the guy behind me 5 bucks. Both gamblers were legitimately cheering us on. So awkward. Talk about pressure to perform!

Happy to say that I got the assist on the win.

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