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11-15-2012, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
For me, the only thing that can save the season at this point is if the North American grinders, plugs, 3rd-paring/ 7th d-man types wake up and realize they are the majority and the ones hurt most severely by a missed season. There's no team in Switzerland or Sweden or anywhere that wants these types of foreign players with the rest of the NHL stars at their disposal, let alone touch the salaries they bring in from playing in the NHL.

It's going to take those types to come together and A) Call for a vote based on the most recent NHL proposal or B) oust Fehr or C) Start being much more vocal about their situations to their union "brothers" and what they want they to happen. I cannot see a season happening unless something like that happens.

I can't see any effing way the NHLPA will get a better deal next October than what they're currently being offered. If the lockout goes into next season, the NHL as we know will be be drastically different whenever it starts up again.
Assuming this goes into next fall, you're damn right the players will get screwed. The Owners let up at the end of the last lockout, they will not this time.

The PA might be lucky to get 48%, no make whole, no long contracts, and free agency at 28 come next October. And that's 48% of a seriously damaged revenue stream, might not even get back to their 1.8 billion till the next CBA...

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