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11-15-2012, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
The NHL's starting position was to begin negotiations one year ago. The NHL also wanted to initiate a realignment of divisions which made total sense but that was nixed as Fehr flexed his muscles... not for the greater good but just for the sake of flexing them.

Bettman may be hated but he is no fool. Had the season begun, Fehr could have easily submarined it with a player strike before the playoffs. Does anyone remember the stunt he pulled in MLB?

Fehr set the tone for these negotiations long before the September 15th deadline. His reputation has preceded him.

Neither Bettman nor Fehr are fools.

You are doing what the NHL does by framing the argument in such a way that paints only one side as bad or foolish.

Starting negotiations a year ago would not have changed how much the NHL wanted in concessions. It's not the timing of the negotiations but the extreme terms from the NHL that delay resolution.

The union that signs that deal has not raison d'etre any longer in terms of protecting player rights. They're basically a rubber stamp.

The alignment was ridiculous, and indicative of Bettman caving to the NHL's most powerful core of teams in the Atlantic and NE.

As for Fehr's track record, yes, let's just overlook the Commissioner of Lockouts. He's known to be accommodating and easy to deal with from the NHLPA side.

Perhaps you're the one who easily fooled.

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