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Originally Posted by Smeddy View Post
Basically, my plan is to become a high school English/History teacher. I know it can/probably will change, but for the last two or so years, that's definitely the (realistic) career I see myself doing the best/enjoying the most.

I've been looking mostly at Carleton History/English/Poli Sci programs. Can't decide if the extra year for honours is worth it, especially since I'd be doing an extra year for teachers college.

Just recently I've been looking at some Universities away from home that offer conccurent programs (BEd + BA together in 4 years). IE Laurentian!

But really I have zero idea.

Any advice as most of you have gone though this would be appreciated.
Take the general, do a year, but make sure your first year includes all the prerequisites for an English or Poli Sci honours degree. If you find you enjoy the academic work/the content or courses offered by one of the honours degrees, pursue it. If not, go the three-year plan and go right into Teacher's College.

Alternatively, enroll in an honours program. If you don't like it, switch down to a general degree. I think either way, you shouldn't have too much of a problem switching your program, considering the requirements for an Arts program generally aren't going to be ultra-competitive.

Originally Posted by saskriders View Post
If you want to teach English wouldn't it make more sense to study English, instead of poli-sci?
Most Poli Sci degrees require some English courses.

Even after that, he'll have electives to pursue other interests (like English), or if he really wanted, he could minor or do a double major.

I would just point out that an English program is very heavy on reading. Some of my friends have to go through a novel a week for their courses.

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