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11-15-2012, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Nasty Nazem View Post

Interesting. I am surprised we didn't hear of this earlier though with how tight lipped this organization is, it shouldn't be that surprising that we didn't. If they can go all the way to 120M, Jays still may have 10M+ to play around with.
I actually remembering hearing about the 120M budget around the same time that we locked up Bautista long-term. It's actually quite admirable that Anthopolous has had that kind of budget for so long but did not (pardon my french...) blow his wad prematurely. He waited for a good time and he took it.

I think the extra money that we have on the budget will probably stay empty. We may need the flexibility for a mid-season move, and we also might need that money to stay competitive with Josh Johnson's agent if he has a good season.

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