Thread: Prospect Info: Leafs Morgan Rielly discussion.
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11-15-2012, 08:17 PM
Bravid Nonahan
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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
The only negative impression I got from watching him play last night is that he didn't seem as fast as I was expecting him to be. He is a great skater, and has wicked mobility, but I was expecting Gardiner/Kessel-like top speed. He got beat to a few races to the puck in the defensive zone last night, but it could be due to him easing off to avoid getting creamed on the plexiglass.
He absolutely has that top end speed, he just didn't really put it to use last night. When he feels the need to go...well, how about I'll just show you:

Skip to 00:40 in this video. Keep in mind, this is a couple of days after coming back from his ACL injury. He made 3 guys at centre ice look like they were actually pylons.

And then skip to 3:17. The acceleration he exhibits on this play is simply unreal, and that while controlling the puck like it's on a string.

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