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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Actually, a junior hockey tourney that couldn't even fill a junior sized arena. There were less than 3,000 people in the seats for most of the games - and many of us that did show up were from Canada.

Just saying that it is a difficult task to build a hockey market and many teams fold or move long before ever pulling it off. Without interest in the game to begin with, a market is in a very tough spot.
Aside from your "observations" any facts about attendance to the Memorial cup in 1992 which was 20 years ago? I can't see much but A> that was before the renovations of Seattle Colliseum - Key Arena. B> Before the evolution of big cities, big event showcase for the Memorial Cup. 20 years ago, Seattle's metro population was just at 2M. Today there are over 3.5M people in the metro area. 20 years ago there were 2 WHL teams as there is today <Tacoma & Seattle then, now Everett & Seattle/Kent>

And Ogopogo is from Edmonton which is one of the teams that are threatening to move to Seattle. Yes Edmonton would support a hockey team better than Seattle since it would be the #1 team and essentially only team in town (Esks, Oil Kings, etc are much smaller).

In Seattle, at best an NHL will be #3 or 4 in the market behind Seahawks, UW Huskies and Mariners (maybe not Ms)... They could surpass the MLS Sounders when/if a team comes and the "new car smell" of MLS is gone - it's a hipster thing hence the NW is big on it... It pains me that NBA has to come first to get the arena because I really think the NHL would work best if it had 1-2 year head start on the NBA.

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