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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Leduc will never make it to the NHL, he was a dumb pick by people who were trying to show the NHL how smart they were.
Bold statement at this point.

I know nothing about the guy. I have that feeling the Isles took him where they did for the same reason they took guys like Anders Nilsson where they did.

Don't know what the reason is myself, but I think it has little to do with trying to show the hockey world how smart they are, at least from the 3rd round on up. I have stated more than enough times what I felt about the de Haan pick and what they went through to make that happen. That gave me that "we know it better than the rest of the league" feeling.

Will be interesting to see where Leduc's at when he's 21/22/23, but like you, I'm not expecting much at this point.

The same smart people who took Jason Clark in the 3rd round and Cody Rosen.
Jankowski was still a vital element of that drafting staff. I'm sure most all of us continue to think that his immediate dismissal with little ado had much to do with the latter three picks in that draft, if not the Rosen situation in and of itself.

As for Clark, I thought he looked pretty good in the prospect camp scrimmages this summer, but that said, he's been an absolute nothing of a pick. That the team signed him had me wondering if they weren't on to something for some reason? That he however has only suited up for one game with BPort and none in the ECHL really has to make one wonder what the heck is going on there.

What's so bitter for me personally is that Germany had a couple of kids that summer who I was extremely high on as mid-rounders with real possibilities and they were still on the board. When Clark was taken, I was crossing my fingers that the Isles would take Tom Kuhnhackl (who some felt would go top 60). When Dehart was taken, I was literally praying that we'd grab a guy by the name of Konrad Abeltshauser. These two are definitely the two German boys I've felt the best about since Erhoff and Seidenberg went as mid-rounders back in the day (and Tobias Rieder as well as Leon Draisaitl are worth keeping an eye on in the future as well).

That said, there's still no telling if either of those two will be an NHLer, much less an effective one, and I didn't know anything about Clark and Dehart, so I won't pretend to have been questioning Isles brass after that draft. Nonetheless, I did have a feeling that we had missed out on a couple of kids who were as good a shot as any at that stage in the draft.

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