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11-15-2012, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I'm certainly not going to depend on the tally of a bunch of hungover North American sportswriters to form the main basis of opinion for more modern players. The adjusted numbers may not be perfect, but they show a substantial difference in value that matches what I saw. After '92, Gretzky's only real advantage was scoring more on the PP for a couple years, when Jagr wasn't getting nearly the opportunity on the PP, but was more effective in ES ice time (for which they had more similar opportunity). There's also a difference between being limited by opportunity, and being limited by age/injuries.
You have 3 choices here...

A) You can simply swallow your pride a bit and admit that you got carried away and used AS's as a final answer. Something which I cited previously as a big issue with them. You just add that you'll do your best not to do so again and we can both move on.

B) You can stubbornly keep on rationalizing it and I'll keep on telling you so until another mod comes in and tells us both to stop.

C) You can just not respond anymore, not swallow your pride a bit and just ignore that you did it and I won't have anything to respond to but myself and everyone else will know.

I'm cool with any of the options.

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