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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
What do GM's make now compared to 05?
What do coaches make now compared to 05?
Whats the average of assistant coaches and staff been since 05?

I went looking, but couldn't find anything.


2011-2012 salary followed by their 2008-2009 salary

Gary Bettman, Commissioner: $7,983,753 - $7,230,783 (3.7mil before the last time he locked out the league)

Bill Daly, Deputy commissioner: $2,856,431 - $1,910,402

John Collins, Chief operating officer: $2,315,455 - $878,226

Colin Campbell, Senior vice president: $2,050,743 - $1,389,142

Craig Harnett, Chief financial officer: $1,544,084 - $938,367

David Zimmerman, General counsel: $975,037 - $577,394

Joseph DeSousa, Executive VP, finance: $876,681 - $520,299

Michael Murphy, Senior VP, hockey operations: $711,119 - $440,317

Stephen Walkom** Director of officiating: $474,601 - $488,736$7M.aspx

Those are some pretty hefty raises- in just three years- for running a league into the ground.
Yeah - if the owners are so bad off why aren't there limits on these guys pay? Why are they allowing Bettman to lead them in another negotiation?

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