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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
I joked about making it official as well but I think the psychology behind this is reinforcing the idea that the league is done making proposals. By initiating an official break, it tells the PA that the league sees no reason to meet in the foreseeable future and the league has set their demands that the PA will now have to come to them with proposals. The PA's response will give the league a gauge of where things are at right now. If the PA disagrees with taking a break, then the league will probably expect the PA to bring a proposal to the table in order to get talks going again. If the PA agrees to a break, the league accepts that the PA isn't ready to make the first move but at the same time, the PA will be losing definite time from the process, keeping in mind that the league will have to cancel a couple weeks of December games and they'll have to do it relatively soon. Agreeing to a break seems all but certain of nailing the coffin closed on an early December start date.

It also puts the onus on the PA. The PA is preaching the two sides are in fact closer to a deal while the league says they aren't. If the PA really believes they're closer to a deal, they won't want to take an official break from talks and guarantee losing any more games without trying to get back to the table and save December games.

Could be a pretty smart move, as the league won't lose much with it. Even if the PA regrets, there's a little bit more pressure on them to restart the process.

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