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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
The Eye Test- Arguing about what one thinks one remembers one's eyes seeing over (in most cases) a limited sample. Sure seems like a lot of room for bias, subjectivity, etc. Esp. difficult to reach consensus with others when there is initial disagreement.
I think though, you aren't looking at a limited sample. It's more the case of people who have watched whatever being discussed for years.

More to the point, there's always going to be a measure of subjectivity involved since no human endeavor can ever be completely boiled down to a metric. Metrics are useful tools, but they are NEVER going to be definitive.

Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Rankings amongst peers- From what I've seen, mostly or completely ignores the changing quality of peer talent, which has changed dramatically over time.
The problem here is that the changing quality of talent is balanced by the fact that since the Original Six the NHL has expanded as fast as the talent pool has grown.

Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Awards- Same failure to recognize changing peer talent, but add in the bias and subjectivity of some oft-ignorant sportswriters.
Yet at the same time you end up disregarding the views of some very knowledgeable sports writers. It isn't necessary to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Cups/Playoffs- Even those who use adjusted stats effectively often forget that playoff stats were affected in mostly very similar ways that effected regular season scoring. The role of team quality, % teams in playoffs, league size & parity, etc. are also often ignored by many or not fully appreciated.
Unless one is talking goaltenders I don't think the Cup argument is appropriate. And even then only in certain eras where goaltending dominates.

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