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Originally Posted by Velocirapture View Post
30 year olds who's career hasn't taken them higher than the AHL, which RNH has already proven is too low a stage for him?

May as well go do the international stuff if he has to play against lesser competition.
90% of this tournament probably won't play in the NHL. I think the rate in the AHL right now is a little higher with way stronger defenders and checkers to get him more ready. I don't really get that logic. The logic here isn't really logic, it's emotional and nationalistic pride. I'm cool with that and I also have it but don't twist it into some argument where playing against, basically, kids like 10 times below his skill level is making him a better hockey player.

In all reality, spending Christmas around the apartment and hanging out together with Schultz, Eberle and Hall all the time and becoming a really tight-knit group is probably more conducive to a winning atmosphere overall for the Oilers sake in the long run. Is playing with Boone Jenner and Scott Harrington for two or three weeks making RNH a "winner?" A lot of it is TSN narrative from the 2005 team. The reason those guys all became unreal players is because they were unreal players and prospects, playing on the WJC team isn't a magic winning potion. We want our core to be like brothers going forward and do anything to win for each other so I don't really see it from that aspect.

What gives a kid more confidence, putting up 1.5 ppg in the AHL against grown men and seeing this tournament being played in his peripherals, or putting up stupid points like a shinny game against some kids that will be in a fight for their life to even make the AHL?

Again, I know people's sense of Team Canada pride tends to take over but that's just how I view it.

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