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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Clear the air after Fehr and his party showed no desire to actually solve this thing

Send message to Fehr and his buddies that NHL isn't gonna tolerate the showing up late garbage and the needless long water trips
Tolerate? Is Fehr a baby and Bettman is his dad? Fehr doesn't work for him, and its Fehr that came in from Toronto to keep meeting Bettman at his job. Why doesn't Bettman fly his ass up to Toronto for a change other then to go to the HoF

Bettman is trying to kill this league anyway he can, all so he billion owners can get a few more bucks. ****ing joke. Bettman won't even agree to a mediator while the NHLPA would, .. so who is showing no desire to solve this again?

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