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11-15-2012, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Scion View Post
Cabrera was a deserving MVP candidate, but that is it, Mike Trout was in a class of his own this year. Frankly, no one else deserved to be in the conversation with him.

As for the aforementioned examples, with the exception of the Morneau victory, the writers association had far less information back then, and sabre metrics were nowhere near as wide-spread. So while those decisions are similarly baffling, they are understandable. This decision on the other hand is just mind boggling, not Morneau 2006 bad, but bad nonetheless.
Like it or not writers put a lot of stock into an MVP candidate getting his team to the playoffs. It is now 20 of the last 21 MVP's that have helped his team into the playoffs. To say nobody else deserved to be in the conversation and short sighted and silly. We aren't talking about a vote that went down the wire, Cabrera comfortably defeated Trout. The worst part about these new age stats is to hear a guy like Brian Kenny on MLB Network all but say Miguel Cabrera is a rally killer sighting all the DP's he hit into. Yes the best hitter in MLB is a rally killer. The sabremetric people try too hard to discredit good players that don't fit into their metrics.

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