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11-15-2012, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
That's rather authoritarian of you. Get over yourself, I'm not 8 and no one's gonna tell anyone which data they can or can't use.
I never told anyone anything of the sort.
I said and have said many times, that one of the major issues with AS's is that people tend to use them as a final answer and you did exactly that.
That's not what they were intended to be used as.

Rationalize what? Using adjusted stats as the best estimate of production, and (in context) using them as a large portion of my basis of evaluation? There's no pride involved, it's what I find to be the fairest, most objective evidence available to establish what production for forwards. Considering that offensive production and overall ES effectiveness (both in context) seem the main priorities of most top forwards, then the best estimates of such seem to be worthy of strong consideration as very important factors in the process of evaluation. If any of you want to ignore all data completely and pick numbers out of a hat, I can't prevent you from doing so. That won't prevent me from stating my position and reasons for that position founded in fact (data) and logic, not blurry memories or someone else's opinion.
No sir, I advocate the use of all data.
That is NOT your position on the matter and you got caught doing just that. Using only Adjusted Stats as an answer to which you continue to try and rationalize that decision/fact after the fact with posts like this.

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